Change Healthcare Radiology Collaboration™

A native communications application that helps mitigate radiologist interruptions, manage communications between radiologists and physicians, and resolve common workflow challenges.

Enhance Smart Collaboration

Facilitate timely and accurate care by finding the right clinician to consult with, when it’s needed.

Find the right radiologist by easily seeing who is available for consultation

Reduce wasted time walking back and forth from the reading room to connect with other clinicians by instead connecting directly from the diagnostic workstation.

Manage interruptions for radiologists by allowing them to indicate when they are busy and when they are free, helping them manage their own availability

Connect quickly and easily with the care team via screen share to collaborate in real time from Change Healthcare Radiology™

Enable meaningful connections to ensure radiologists can collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside the department

Manage Workflow and Interruptions

Novel collaboration tool for consults

  • Allows radiologists to control consult availability, connect quickly and easily in real-time, screen-share with members of the care team, and log collaboration session information
  • Addresses the common issues most disruptive to the radiologist's workflow, including the management of referring physician consultations
  • Initiates a collaboration session by sending a request through the collaboration contact list; users can send, accept, decline, queue up the invitation, and immediately discuss the case from within the imaging cockpit

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