Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow™

Imaging Fellow is an EMR data optimizer for radiologists who need to extend relevant clinical data to the point of care and shorten time to diagnosis.

Find the Data You Need with an EMR Integration Solution

Save time for radiologists by using key details from the EMR to help shorten time to diagnosis.

Leverage EMR data within the imaging workflow with adaptable viewing configurations and preferences.

Improve referring physician satisfaction with quicker, more accurate reports.

Improve diagnostic confidence to help radiologists become more valuable care team members.

Leverage existing EMR and Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions.

Avoid unnecessary tests by having more relevant information that is readily available.

Leverage Your EMR to Gain Clinical Context

Connect your EMR data to the point of care

  • Zero footprint web viewer.
  • Fast, easy access to relevant patient information in the imaging cockpit.
  • Designed with imaging domain expertise so radiologists can get relevant information quickly and easily.

Leverage your existing investment

  • Integrates with EMRs to find and access the data that already exists so radiologists don’t have to search for it.
  • Intelligently synthesizes information from the EMR to help transform data to insight.
  • Improve radiologists’ efficiency by bringing the data to them and eliminating unnecessary searching.

Robust radiology workflow configuration and customization

  • Context-sensitive view of relevant clinical data.
  • Designed for imaging workflow and configured to fit into a radiologists’ reading practices, including intelligent display of priors, access to clinical notes, and reports.
  • Configurable at enterprise or the facility level.

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